You've put it all on the line...

And the attorneys at The Mellino Law Firm can show you how to protect your investment.

Legal services we provide to beer and spirits producers and right-holders:

Trademark Protection

Protect your investment by establishing your rights and preventing conflicts down the road.

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Conflict Resolution

Leverage existing rights and resolve legal issues amicably without giving up established rights.

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Legal action

When necessary, we will effectively defend your investment through effective and efficient legal representation.

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Our take on trademark issues in the beer and spirits industry

Why We’re Different

HONEST. We provide clear, straightforward advice for your business. TRANSPARENT. We are upfront about our costs. We provide simple flat fees for every service we can. You will know exactly what we are doing for you and how much it will cost. SECURITY. We assure the security of your investments by obtaining clear, definite answers […]

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Why Registering Your Trademark is Simply Not Enough

Just because you have gotten a federal trademark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office does not mean you are free and clear of all problems. Now you must monitor and protect that trademark from infringement and dilution. Unfortunately, failing to protect your rights could cause you to lose them. If a number […]

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Services and Fee Schedule

Download our Beer and Spirits Trademark Services and Fee Schedule »

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What You Need to Know About Cease and Desist Letters

Many businesses receive letters instructing them to stop using a certain name or logo. These are often referred to as “Cease & Desist” letters. While some letters cause well-publicized disputes, most are handled quietly and amicably. However, because many are handled privately, new recipients are unaware of the options available to them. If you have […]

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