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Services & Fees

Initial Consultation

  • Listen to current and potential concerns unique to your business
  • Outline the basics of Trademark Law as they apply to your business
  • Identify trademarks your business is currently using
  • Discuss potential trademarks you wish to use in the future
  • Explain the various services we offer and determine which services are appropriate at this time
  • Provide clear, straightforward costs and discuss payment options


  • Initial Consultation: Free

Federal Registration

  • Outline the process
  • Compile and file the application on your behalf
  • Correspond with the United States Patent and Trademark Office throughout the application process
  • Renew your registration timely


  • Attorney Fee: $250
  • Application Fees: $325
  • Additional Class Attorney Fee: $175
  • Per Additional Class Application: $225
  • Addressing Application Issues: Hourly + USPTO fees
  • Renewal Attorney Fees: $250
  • Renewal Fee: $300 

Assess Existing Rights & Determine Appropriate Course of Action

  • Perform a comprehensive, detailed search for other persons using an identical or similar trademark
  • Identify potential problems prior to application process
  • Outline and explain possible solutions to existing and potential issues


  • Word Mark: $425
  • Additional Work Mark: $400
  • Design: $635
  • Additional Logo:


  • Cordially contact other businesses that are using potentially infringing trademarks
  • Draft and deliver Cease & Desist letters to people posing a threat to your business and legal rights by using a trademark that is identical or too similar to yours
  • Review Cease & Desist letters you have received to weigh your rights against the senders
  • Explain potential courses of action in response to Cease & Desist letters
  • Act on your behalf to leverage your existing rights in order to obtain a resolution that is favorable to your business interests


  • Phone Call and/or C&D Letter: $200
  • Review and respond to C&D letter: $600


  • Contact and Negotiate with other businesses on your behalf to obtain their consent to have similar marks coexist in the marketplace
  • Negotiate and draft licensing agreements


  • Consent/Coexists Agreement: Hourly
  • Licensing: Hourly


  • Sometimes other people choose to drag their competitors into court. Other times, another business simply won’t cooperate and only option may be to pursue legal action. Whether you have been sued or simply wish to stop others from using your trademarks, we will protect your investment by defending your established rights through appropriate legal action


  • Litigation: Hourly